Resources for Victims of Crime

Victim Support

Victim Support offer help to anyone who has been affected by any crime – everything from malicious damage to assault to domestic abuse and rape. The crime may have happened yesterday or 20 years ago; they recognise that not everyone reacts in the same way. They help both direct victims and indirect victims. Indirect victims include friends and family of both victims and offenders. You do not need to have been to the police to seek assistance from them.

They offer practical help and emotional support. To access them, ring them on 440496 between 9am and 1pm. Alternatively, you can be referred by another agency, for example the Police, your GP or the Probation Service. They will take your details and pass you to a volunteer who will make contact with you. The volunteer can offer support over the phone of face to face, for as long as is needed. The service is free and confidential.

Jersey Women’s Refuge

Jersey Women’s Refuge helps any woman who has been affected by domestic abuse. Domestic abuse is any form of physical, emotional, financial or sexual abuse which is used to gain power and control over another person in an intimate relationship. It can often be difficult to recognise if you are in an abusive relationship – if you ever feel frightened of your partner please call the Refuge and they will talk over what may be happening. The Women’s Refuge have both outreach workers and a safe house. The outreach workers work in the community and you can meet with them to get support regarding the domestic abuse. They will never force you to do anything if you are not ready, instead they focus on empowering you to recognise that you can move on and they will support you if you choose to stay in the relationship or if you choose to leave. Should you choose to leave, they have a safe house where you can go and stay and begin to move on with your life.

Psychological Services

The Psychology Service offer talking and listening based therapies to help deal with a range of emotional difficulties, including depression, stress and anxiety. Sometimes, the therapy can include physical activity too. The service is accessed by referral only, usually from your GP, however some other agencies, e.g. Victim Support, can offer a referral too. There is an approximately 8 week waiting list for an appointment at the service, but you can receive support from the Women’s Refuge or Victim Support as well as having a referral to psychology.

Your GP

Your GP can provide a wealth of support to you, not just by offering appropriate medication and treating physical injuries but by listening to you too. They are also likely to be aware of many of the services mentioned here and can make a referral to them if you wish.

The Police

The States of Jersey Police work to make Jersey a safer place to live. If you are a victim of or a witness to a crime, you should call them to report it: in an emergency dial 999, or, if it is not an urgent situation, call 612612. If you have been a victim of crime and don’t feel ready to report it you can contact Victim Support in the first instance and they will talk over your options with you.

Witness Service

Run by Victim Support, this scheme provides assistance to anyone who has to attend court as either a victim or a witness. They will offer a visit to the court room before the trial and can show you their DVD which depicts what will happen on the day of the trial. On the day, they will meet you before court and can take you in a different entrance if necessary. They will stay with you in the witness room until you are called to give evidence and then they will accompany you into court while you give your evidence. Once you have finished, they can bring you to a quiet room where you can talk over what happened. They will keep you updated with the outcome of the trial and any sentence the offender receives.