Useful Links

Griffith University. Global Centre for Evidence-based Corrections and Sentencing. Research, Policy and Practice – Click Here

At a conference we found out that MIT the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT (one of the top 3 U.S universities) makes its course materials available free of charge online. It is possible to follow a complete programme if you are disciplined enough, or at least follow an area of study that interests you or answers a question you might have. Click Here

Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence – Click Here

Get the latest news & views from the Council of Europe in Strasbourg every Friday. The weekly Web TV journal includes interviews with people working in and around the Organisation – Click Here

The Parents guide to Drugs

The Public Health Department have recently revised the ‘Parents Guide to Drugs’ resource to help support you. As a parent or guardian you have an important role to play in helping young people make informed decisions about drugs and reducing any potential harm that may arise through drug use, be it illegal or legal.

The new revised edition has been up-dated to include information on all the most available new psychoactive substances. These new psychoactive substances, many of which are now illegal and have serious side effects, are often referred to (inappropriately) by manufacturers, dealers and users as legal highs.

This guide will help you understand the effects of drugs and their use. It is based on the latest best practice and contains practical advice about what you can actually do as a parent, whether your children are using drugs or not. – Click Here

Current Vacancies

We have no vacancies at this time.

A Career in the Probation Service

If you are interested in a career in the Probation Service, there are many roles which you could apply for as they become available, including a Probation Officer, a Case Management Assistant, a Court Liaison Officer and a Community Service Supervisor. Each role requires a different set of skills – more information about the roles will follow in the next few weeks.

The Chief Probation Officer, Brian Heath, is always willing to speak with people about the service and the path they may wish to take to allow them to become a Probation Officer, or to allow them to be qualified to work in another area within the service.

With regards to those who would like to become a Probation Officer in Jersey, a person has to have a qualification and experience which is acceptable to the Jersey Royal Court. Currently the following are accepted: CQSW, DipSW, MSc in Social Work or BSc / BA in Social Work. Applicants with Qualified Probation Officer status in other jurisdictions will also be considered, and it is always useful to have experience relevant to the role.

Research Opportunity

The Centre for Criminal Justice and Criminology in the School of Law at Swansea University would welcome applications from well-qualified Criminology students interested in undertaking a PhD research degree as part of an established research project concerning the supervision of offenders by Probation Officers. If this would interest you, please click here for more information.