The Probation Service and Prison work together to ensure that prisoners receive the services and advice they need in order to successfully reintegrate into society on release, and that the public are protected as far as possible from further harm by offenders sentenced to custodial terms.


The Probation Service: A Probation Officer is allocated to all adult prisoners sentenced to 6 months or more in prison. The Probation Officer will keep in contact with the prisoner and will maintain contact with significant others according to need. The work performed will be based upon the criminogenic needs identified in the SER and during sentence. Access to all Probation Service resources and facilities e.g. group work programmes, mentors, basic skills tutors will be provided, subject to need and availability. Please see the section entitled ‘Probation’ for more information. The Probation Officer will contribute reports to prison sentence planning and temporary release panels and if required attend these meetings. The Probation Officer will involve prison staff in work planning. It is envisaged that sentence planning and the Probation work plan will compliment and integrate with the work of the two services.

For information on prison sentence planning please click here. For information on release – ROTL, HDC and YOI Licences – please click here.

The Probation Officer will encourage all prisoners to maintain contact post release for a period which allows for their successful re settlement. As well as the allocated Probation Officer, there is a Probation Officer who is based at the prison. They will: Deliver appropriate offending behaviour and skills based programmes to those prisoners assessed as requiring them by the sentence planning process. These will be delivered during the early part of a sentence and or when it is impractical for the prisoner to be temporarily released to attend groups in the Community.

Represent the Probation Service on Temporary Release Panels. Act as duty Probation Officer for prison related matters, for example when the case manager is on leave. Act as the Victim Liaison point for the Probation and Prison services. In addition to creating a safe environment for prisoners and dealing with the administration of their sentences, the Prison will: Provide the Probation Service with any relevant information or intelligence concerning the prisoner’s circumstances, attitude or behaviour. Consider granting temporary release to inmates who could benefit from Probation Service programmes in the community, subject to satisfactory risk assessment.