The Probation and After-Care Service

Lé Sèrvice ès Seurvilyis et Sortis The Probation and After-Care Service

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  • Probation

    The Probation Order is an agreement between an offender and the Court, monitored and supervised by a Probation Officer. A Probation Order is made instead of a sentence and provided that the probationer keeps to the terms of the Order and works with the supervising officer to change their behaviour, the Court will not impose any further penalty for the offences which the person has admitted or been found guilty of.
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  • Community Service

    Jersey Probation and After Care Service (JPACS) runs a Community Service scheme which has been in existence since 1982. It is operated under bespoke legislation entitled Criminal Justice (Community Service Orders) (Jersey) Law 2001.
    The Community Service scheme exists to provide the criminal Courts with a credible community based custodial alternative penalty. The sentence allows the Court to require an offender, found guilty of an imprisonable offence, to perform a specified period of unpaid work in reparation to the community against which he had offended. Every person sentenced to Community Service would otherwise be serving a sentence of imprisonment or youth detention.
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  • Parish Hall Enquiry

    The Jersey Probation and After Care Service (JPACS) is represented by an officer at every Parish Hall Enquiry where children under the age of 18 years are appearing, except for very minor matters and some motoring offences.
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  • Family Court Advisory

    Jersey Family Court Advisory Service (JFCAS) looks after the interests of children involved in family court proceedings.  They work with children and their families, and then advise the courts on what they consider to be in the best interests of individual children. Their involvement may be brief, happening at the begining of the case only, or it may be longer, depending on what is requested of them.
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  • Restorative Justice

    The aim of Restorative Justice is to balance the concerns of the victim and the community with the need to reintegrate the offender into society and prevent re offending.

    Victims of crime can, in appropriate cases, either meet the people who have committed offences against them or make their views known to them through the Restorative Justice Officer.

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  • Prisoner Throughcare

    The Probation Service and Prison work together to ensure that prisoners receive the services and advice they need in order to successfully reintegrate into society on release, and that the public are protected as far as possible from further harm by offenders sentenced to custodial terms.
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  • Social Enquiry Reports

    The purpose of a Social Enquiry Report is to assist the Court with sentencing by providing an impartial and professional assessment of the nature and causes of a defendant’s relevant background, offending behaviour, the risk of reoffending and the interventions necessary to reduce that risk.

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