The Probation and After-Care Service

Lé Sèrvice ès Seurvilyis et Sortis The Probation and After-Care Service

About the Service

The Probation and After-Care Service’s priority is the protection of the people of Jersey.
We work with the judicial system, courts, parish halls, victims of crime, and the community to help reduce criminal activity in Jersey.
We do this by:
• Assessing, monitoring and working with offenders to reduce re-offending when the
judicial process is concluded, through programmes and community service
• offering support and information to victims of crime
• researching and producing reports to assist the Courts and States of Jersey with
policy formation

The Probation Service prepares between 500 and 600 reports for Jersey Courts each year.
We supervise about 200 Probation Orders, 200 CS Orders and 150 people in Prison each

Our complaints procedure can be accessed here.

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