Help for people who are concerned they may offend against children

Help for people who are concerned they may offend against children

Jersey Probation and After Care Service has always offered a service to people who are concerned that their thoughts or feelings may result in them going on to commit offences.   A recent article in the Jersey Evening Post suggested that no help was available in Jersey to people who had not yet committed offences against children but who were concerned that they might do so in the future.  Our Probation Officers have received specialist training and support in this difficult area of work since 2006, through Dr David Briggs a specialist Forensic Clinical Psychologist and are available to work with people who have not come through the Criminal Justice System or at any time following the end of a sentence or sanction.

The normal limits to client confidentiality apply in that if a client discloses having committed an offence or an intention to do so, that information would be shared with the Police.  Every year a number of people access our services in a voluntary capacity.

People wishing to access our services on a voluntary basis should contact the duty probation officer any afternoon between 2pm. and 5pm. by telephoning 441900 or calling into the Probation Office at 1 Lemprière St.  Alternatively we can be emailed on

Probation Orders, Community Service Orders and from the Beneficiaries of Community Service

Results of feedback from people completing Probation Orders, Community Service Orders and from the Beneficiaries of Community Service.

We ask all those people completing Probation or Community Service for their views on the supervision they have received.  As a result of the surveys completed in 2013 we improved the way we provide toilet facilities on work groups, which has improved our productivity and we have improved our briefings before work sessions to ensure that everyone is aware of the particular benefit to the community of the task they are performing.  In 2014 we surveyed the beneficiaries of Community Service for the first time.  All the results are very positive and provide an insight into the impact of our work.  The surveys can be found below or by accessing the “Reports” section of the website.




Annual Report 2014 & Business Plan 2015 Published

The Report details the workload, performance and plans of our Service and was presented to the Probation Board of the Royal Court on January 26 2015. Highlights include an increased workload, increased effectiveness and working with partners to improve services to victims and witnesses of crime. The Report can be found here 2015 JPAC Annual Report or through the “Reports” section of the website.



Skills Checklist and Manual in French

Jersey Probation and After Care Service is pleased to announce that the Skills Checklist and Manual and have been translated into French and published. The Checklist and manual were developed for JPACS by Swansea University and have been shown to be a useful way of measuring and developing Probation Officers’ interview skills. The study showed that good interview skills were related to decreased reconviction by clients.

The translation is by Professor Martine Herzog-Evans of Université de Reims, faculté de droit (University of Rheims, Law faculty) and Président of the Confédération Française de la Probation We are grateful to the publisher, and the journal “Actualité Juridique Pénal” for permitting us to make the translation freely available on our website – Click Here

Jersey Probation and After Care Service est heureux d’annoncer que la Checklist et manuel et ont été traduits en français et publiés. Elles ont été élaborés pour JPACS par l’Université de Swansea et se sont révélés être un moyen utile de mesurer et de développer les techniques d’entrevue des agents de probationL’étude a montré que les bonnes techniques d’entrevue ont été liés à une diminution de condamnation par les clientsLa traduction est par le Professeur Martine HerzogEvans de l’Université de Reimsfaculté de droit et Président de la Confédération français de la probation sommes reconnaissants à l’éditeur   et la revue “Actualité Juridique Pénal” pour nous permettre de faire la traduction disponible gratuitement sur notre site ici – Link