Legal Aid Office

The Legal Aid Office is relocating effective Monday, 18 December 2017.  They will close at the Legal Aid Office at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, 15 December at 40 Don Street, St Helier and re-open at Gaspé House, St Helier on Monday, 18 December at 09:00 a.m.  The new mailing address is as follows:

Acting Bâtonnier

Gaspé House

66-72 Esplanade

St Helier



The telephone number/fax and email address remain the same:

  1. 0845 800 1066
  2. 01534 601708


We have a vacancy for an experienced Social Worker with experience of working with children and families to join JFCAS.  The successful applicant who will have at least five years post qualification experience will join a small team producing reports in both Private and Public Law proceedings. Full details and the application process are here:

Please note this post is open to candidates who are “entitled for work” or “entitled” under Jersey Housing and Employment Legislation

We are recruiting

We are recruiting

We are looking for two people to join our team of case management assistants; one person will act as the supervisor and assist the management team in addition to being an active case management team member.  Both roles are primarily administrative but also require strong inter-personal skills and identification with the ethos and values of our Service.  Full details and the application will be found on the States of Jersey “Jobs in Jersey” website, or by clicking the link below: 


We are also looking for an Office Manager. Full details and the application will be found on the States of Jersey “Jobs in Jersey” website, or by clicking the link below:

Annual Report for 2016 and Business Plan for 2017

The Probation and After Care Service has published its Annual Report for 2016 and

Business Plan for 2017.

Highlights of the report are:

• A high rate of successfully completed Probation Orders (74%) with over two thirds of

Probationers reducing their likelihood of reconviction during supervision

• Over 18,000 hours of Community Service completed for charities and non-profit

organisations by people who would otherwise have been serving prison sentences

• Misuse of alcohol remains the largest single factor in criminal justice referrals to JPACS

• An independent organisational effectiveness audit found that the Jersey Probation and After Care Service was “very satisfactory” (the highest rating available) with an overall score of 85%

• JPACS’ work on effective supervision and organisational effectiveness continues to attract international interest. Similarly links with other jurisdictions continue to inform and benefit JPACS services

• Partnership working with other statutory and voluntary sector bodies remains fundamental to success

• The cost of providing all JPACS services in 2016 was under £2 million or less than £19 per member of our stated population of 103,000

The Jersey Probation and After Care Service is a Department of the Jersey Royal Court. “The Jersey Probation and After-Care Service exists to provide the Parishes, Courts, H.M.P La Moye and other prisons with a high quality information service and to supervise those offenders entrusted to it in order to reduce re-offending, allow restitution and protect the public.

In Family proceedings and other matters concerning children, the Jersey Family Court Advisory Service serves the Royal Court by providing reports and advice, which represent the best interests of the child. In all its work the Probation and After Care Service promotes respect and dignity for all and with due regard to the Council of Europe’s Probation Rules.”

Click here to view the report.


Restorative Justice and Probation Child Safeguarding reviews published


As part of our quality assurance and continuous improvement processes our restorative justice provision has been qualitatively reviewed by Izabela Harasymowicz Assistant Psychologist at the La Moye Prison.  The report shows the importance of Restorative Justice to participants and makes some recommendations on how we can enhance the service we provide.  We are grateful to Ms Harasymowicz for completing the report which can be found on the “Reports” section of this website or by clicking here.

Every two years JPACS reviews its child safeguarding practice in its criminal justice supervision services.  The review is performed by our Family Court staff team.  Again the report showed a good standard of practice and made a couple of recommendations which have been incorporated into practice.  The report has been provided to the Safeguarding Partnership Board.  The review can be accessed on the “Reports” section of this website or accessed here.

Correctional Program Assessment Inventory on Jersey Probation & Aftercare Service and Post Release Supervision Services Published

JPACS reviews and inspects several areas of its work each year as part of its quality assurance processes.  Research reports, client and stakeholder feedback are other ways we do this.  This year we invited an outside organisation, SSET to audit our Probation and post release supervision services as our principle inspection.

The CPAI is a form of structured audit or inspection developed in Canada which measures how closely services are aligned with the principles of effective practice established by research.  Programmes and services which are most closely aligned with these principles have been found to be more effective in reducing re-offending.

Although widely used in North America, the CPAI has only recently been introduced to Europe and is still being piloted in Britain where it has been used to evaluate a number of programmes in Wales.

The report for Jersey can be found here.

An extract of the executive summary states:

“The evaluation identified JPACS as having a number of strengths, achieving the highest possible rating of very satisfactory in every domain relating to effective practice and 100% scores in domains relating to the characteristics of management and staff, inter-agency communication and evaluation practices. This indicates that JPACS is currently well placed to deliver effective intervention services that reduce the reoffending of clients and, as a strong, professionalised service, to continue to develop these in response to the recommendations outlined in this report.”

Brian Heath, Chief Probation Officer said:

“I was delighted to receive such a positive report on our work.  The overall score of 85% speaks for itself and I was particularly pleased that all eight scoring sections were assessed as being in the strongest “very satisfactory” category.  Like all good audits and inspections the report makes recommendations to help us improve further the services we offer.”

Chief Probation Officer Brian Heath elected to the Board of the Confederation of European Probation (CEP).

Brian Heath Chief Probation Officer was elected for a three year term to the nine member management board of the CEP at its 12th General Assembly in October.

The CEP aims to promote the social inclusion of offenders through community sanctions and measures such as probation, community service, mediation and conciliation. CEP is committed to enhance the profile of probation and to improve professionalism in this field, on a national and a European level.  The organisation promotes pan-European cooperation through conferences on Probation related matters. It makes the reports of these events available, through a digital newsletter and website.  To European bodies such as the European Union and the Council of Europe, CEP acts as a spokesperson for the Probation sector, providing expertise and comparative data.

Annual Report for 2015 and Business Plan for 2016

Jersey Probation and Aftercare Service (JPACS) Annual Report for 2015 and Business Plan for 2016 This year’s Annual Report and Business Plan has been published online here.

Highlights of this year’s report are:

  • Continued success in reducing re-offending by Probationers evidenced by the publication of the fourth in a series of reconviction studies, end of Order assessments, and supported by client feedback questionnaires. Copies of these reports are also available on the website.
  • A further increase in the amount of Community Service performed by people who would otherwise have been serving prison sentences
  • Maintaining good completion and satisfaction rates for people on Probation and Community Service
  • The appointment of another locally trained Probation officer by the Jersey Royal Court (N.B. not an additional post)
  • A first inspection into Private Law work for the Family Division of the Royal Court
  • Continued international interest in the work of JPACS with invitations to present at Conferences in Singapore and Dublin and with study visits from the French National Training College (ENAP) and postgraduate students from Quebec and Spain.

Brian Heath the Chief Probation Officer said: “The Jersey Probation and After Care Service continues to demonstrate its effectiveness across all its areas of operation, for the Criminal Justice System and for the Family Court. Our services also reflect very good value for the people of Jersey at less than £20 per person per year. All our work is reliant on having skilled and dedicated staff and volunteers so we invest heavily in training, supervision and supportive work practices.”


Download the report here.


Related reports

Latest reconviction data for Community sentences published: both Probation and Community Service showing good outcomes


The fourth in a series of reports which examines the effectiveness of community sanctions in Jersey has been published. The authors, Professor Peter Raynor of Swansea University, Dr Helen Miles of the States of Jersey and Brenda Waterman, found that two years after being sentenced 70% of Probationers and 85% of Community Service clients had not committed a further offence. Many of those who had committed further offences had been convicted of minor matters such as careless driving, parking or nuisance type offences.

The report examines reconvictions by the assessed predicted outcomes at the outset of the Orders, ensuring that a comprehensive picture of the effectiveness of the sanctions is provided. Brian Heath Chief Probation Officer commented, “The Jersey Probation and After Care Service has been measuring the outcomes of its work for many years. The longstanding partnership with Swansea University has produced a series of reports which provide an independent measure of the success of Probation and Community Service Orders in reducing crime by known offenders in Jersey.

This latest report demonstrates that these measures have maintained or improved their performance over time, which is a testament to the hard work and skills of the staff teams and those we work in partnership with, and the engagement of the clients we work with.”

A copy of the report can be accessed here.