Annual Report for 2016 and Business Plan for 2017

The Probation and After Care Service has published its Annual Report for 2016 and

Business Plan for 2017.

Highlights of the report are:

• A high rate of successfully completed Probation Orders (74%) with over two thirds of

Probationers reducing their likelihood of reconviction during supervision

• Over 18,000 hours of Community Service completed for charities and non-profit

organisations by people who would otherwise have been serving prison sentences

• Misuse of alcohol remains the largest single factor in criminal justice referrals to JPACS

• An independent organisational effectiveness audit found that the Jersey Probation and After Care Service was “very satisfactory” (the highest rating available) with an overall score of 85%

• JPACS’ work on effective supervision and organisational effectiveness continues to attract international interest. Similarly links with other jurisdictions continue to inform and benefit JPACS services

• Partnership working with other statutory and voluntary sector bodies remains fundamental to success

• The cost of providing all JPACS services in 2016 was under £2 million or less than £19 per member of our stated population of 103,000

The Jersey Probation and After Care Service is a Department of the Jersey Royal Court. “The Jersey Probation and After-Care Service exists to provide the Parishes, Courts, H.M.P La Moye and other prisons with a high quality information service and to supervise those offenders entrusted to it in order to reduce re-offending, allow restitution and protect the public.

In Family proceedings and other matters concerning children, the Jersey Family Court Advisory Service serves the Royal Court by providing reports and advice, which represent the best interests of the child. In all its work the Probation and After Care Service promotes respect and dignity for all and with due regard to the Council of Europe’s Probation Rules.”

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